Tivat hosts a two-day thematic international conference as part of the DEAL4EU project

17 Dec 2021

The first day of the two-day international thematic gathering within the project "DEAL4EU: Youth Ambassadors for European Green Deal", which is being realized within the program "Europe for Citizens", was held today in the multimedia hall of the Municipality of Tivat. The aim of this event is to strengthen the network of international cooperation, as well as exchange ideas with other international participants on possible projects related to youth participation in environmental issues.

The president of the municipality, Zeljko Komnenovic, opened today's gathering with a welcome speech.

"It is my great pleasure to welcome you and thank you for the opportunity to host this event. We have accepted participation in this project with great pleasure, because I consider it extremely important to deal with the topics of ecology and environmental protection, especially when viewed from the aspect of youth involvement and activism. We consider green development to be the basic principle we are guided by. We want to keep the authentic characteristics of the Mediterranean town, as well as provide our fellow citizens and guests with the experience of a modern and sustainable way of life that is characterized by constant development. At the same time, we are trying to harmonize all these activities and base them on our rich cultural and historical heritage ", said Komnenović in his address to the guests of the gathering, and as one of the activities he especially pointed out the protection of natural sites in Tivat.

"One of these areas, Solila, which you will have the opportunity to visit tomorrow, as a destination recognized by local and international partners, so Tivat with the promotion and improvement of this site became the first destination in Montenegro, which began in 2020 "Work on the international recognition" Green Destinations "and won the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations award for last year," said Komnenovic, emphasizing that the story of development can not be meaningful or sustainable without involving young people in activities and providing conditions to make an active contribution.

The DEAL4EU project is a network of 8 different European cities that, in response to current climate and environmental challenges, will promote the values, goals and policies of the European Green Agreement among young people, in order to make them green ambassadors in their territories.

During the implementation of this two-year project, a total of 8 thematic international conferences are planned in Katral (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Athienou (Cyprus), Leeuwarden (Netherlands), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tivat (Montenegro). and Rome (Italy). The key participants are young citizens from each target territory, who will work with experts (academic professors, bloggers, journalists) to learn about EU environmental policies and strategies and how to participate in civic life and become European ambassadors for green strategies in their hometown. DEAL4EU aims to directly involve 400, and indirectly 20,000 participants.

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