Three roundabouts

08 Sep 2020

In the first half of 2020, three significant investments in traffic infrastructure were realized in Tivat. Three roundabouts, which represent the very beginning of the realization of the project of building the long-awaited boulevard through Tivat, have been constructed.

The works on the roundabout in the settlement of Gradiošnica, at the very entrance to Tivat, started in December 2019 and their value amounted to € 732,000. The contractor was the company "Mechanization and Program" from Niksic.

The new roundabout replaced the intersection in the center of the city, near the building of the old Municipality. The value of this project is € 306,000, and the contractor was the company "Vukotić Trade" from Podgorica. The third newly built roundabout is located at the settlement Seljanovo and € 295,000 was invested in its construction, and it was built by the Nikšić company "Acropolis". The total value of all three roundabouts is € 1,333,000.

The company "GPC" doo from Podgorica, is the processor of project documentation for the construction of a boulevard through Tivat. According to the project, the total length of the boulevard from the Airport to the end of Seljanovo is 4.2 km, width 18m (a total of two lanes per direction (3.2 m each), a dividing island of 1 meter and two pedestrian and bicycle paths of 2 m) . In some parts, where necessary, the width of the boulevard will be greater than 18m.

The mentioned traffic infrastructure project will greatly contribute to lighter traffic. It will significantly facilitate local and traffic through this part of the Montenegrin coast.

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