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NTC Pyramid – new playground equipment in the Small Park.

28 Mar 2024

Donation from the company “Boka Imlek” Ltd.

A new playground equipment, called the pyramid, has been installed in the children’s playground in the Small Park in the city center. This equipment was made in accordance with the recommendations and standards of the NTC learning method and represents a donation from the company “Imlek Boka” Ltd. The installation was carried out with the involvement of the municipal Directorate for Investments and the local Utility Company.

Continuous implementation of NTC education

The NTC training program for educators and teachers in schools and kindergartens in Tivat has been implemented since June last year, as a result of cooperation between the Municipality of Tivat – Secretariat for Social Activities and the Nikola Tesla Center from Belgrade, led by Prof. Dr. Ranko Rajović. At the end of February, the NTC specialization program continued in all educational units of the Public Preschool Institution “Bambi” in Tivat. NTC team lecturers visited kindergarten groups in Donja Lastva, Radovići, and the central kindergarten facility. Workshops were also conducted attended by about 15 educators. During March and April, online workshops are being conducted, and the next visit of the NTC team to this institution is planned for the end of April.

Continuous training of teachers from Tivat elementary schools is also being conducted, and in early December, a device for measuring flat feet in children was delivered to the pediatric department of the Tivat Health Center, donated by the Municipality of Tivat.

New parking spaces near the Music School

02 Feb 2024

Construction works on the parking area near the Music School in the city center were completed in January of this year. The investment amounted to €136,000, and the works were carried out by the company “Akropolis” Ltd. The management of the new 50 parking spaces at this location will be entrusted to the company “Parking servis” Ltd.

“With the realization of this project, a significant number of new parking spaces have been obtained, which is recognized as one of the major infrastructure issues in Tivat. Despite numerous challenges on the ground, the contractor managed to complete all the works on time,” said Vlado Brguljan, the director of the Directorate for Investments, adding that it is envisaged that the management of this area will be assigned to the municipal enterprise “Parking servis” by a municipal decision.

In January, the Directorate for Investments of the Municipality of Tivat also completed the construction of a pedestrian path from Stari put Street to Tripovići Street. The path is approximately 80 meters long and represents a significant convenience for all pedestrians traveling from the city center to Tripovići. The value of the completed works amounted to around €9,000.

New roadway Cacovo

31 Jan 2024

The construction works on the Cacovo roadway in Donja Lastva were completed at the end of December last year. A roadway approximately 450 meters long was built, along with all related infrastructure elements. The construction works for the third phase of this road amounted to €300,000. The works were carried out by the company “Betonmix” Ltd. from Budva.

“The works in this phase were completed on schedule. The contractor adhered to the agreed schedule for the execution of works, and thus, we managed to bring the project to completion, which has been ongoing since the end of 2016. Various problems were encountered, ranging from terrain configuration, deficiencies in project documentation to property issues,” said Vlado Brguljan, the director of the Directorate for Investments. He added that within this project, electrical works were carried out, supporting wall structures were built, a water supply and sewage system were installed, atmospheric drains were arranged, and asphalt works were completed.

“With this, about ten houses in Donja Lastva finally gained vehicular access, and we have concluded a multi-year infrastructure project done in phases, of which the first two phases amounted to around €360,000. I am pleased that we have successfully completed this project and that we can now focus our efforts on some new and significant projects,” said Željko Komnenović, the president of the municipality.

Works on the reconstruction of lighting in “Veliki Park”

11 Dec 2023

The Directorate for Investments of the Municipality of Tivat commenced work today on the reconstruction of public lighting in Veliki Gradski Park, valued at €205,000. During the execution of the works, the existing lighting will be turned off in the park area, in parts of Istarska and Đačka streets. The Directorate kindly asks citizens not to use the park in the evening hours for safety reasons.

The reconstruction involves the complete replacement of existing lighting fixtures, along with the installation of a certain number of new ones.

It is expected that the works will be completed within the next ten days, and they are being carried out by the consortium “Cema” Ltd, “Elektro Čučković” Ltd, and “Znak” Ltd.

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