Tivat center of cultural events of summer 2023

12 May 2023

A press conference was held in Belgrade where the program of events in Tivat during the 2023 season was presented

The tourist organization of the municipality of Tivat, together with partners Porto Montenegro, Luštica Bay, as well as the Tivat Culture Center, presented a rich calendar of events for the summer of 2023 at the now traditional press conference in Belgrade, at the Gilda restaurant.

The following spoke at the conference: President of the Municipality of Tivat Željko Komnenović, Director of the Tourism Organization of the Municipality of Tivat Nina Lakičević, representative of Luštica Bay Kristina Škanata, representative of Porto Montenegro Danilo Kalezić and director of the Tivat Culture Center Goran Božović.

The press conference was opened by the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Željko Komnenović, and with a warm greeting, he informed everyone present about the summer ahead: "This is a sincere and open invitation to visit the most intriguing and exciting city in Boka Kotorska - Tivat. This summer in Tivat, perhaps the best artistic, cultural and tourist program awaits us so far - from the world stars of the theater, film and music scene, the Purgatory cultural program, through all the events in Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay. Welcome, Tivat is waiting for you!"

Director of the Tourism Organization of Tivat Municipality, Nina Lakičević, pointed out that in the previous period, Tivat worked a lot on its tourist offer and consequently became the choice of many tourists. There are currently 20 hotels in the hotel offer in Tivat, most of which are 4 or 5 stars and announced the construction of a new luxury hotel on the site of the old Tivat hotel.

She proudly announced that in cooperation with the Municipality of Tivat, Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay, this summer we are expecting more than 30 events in Tivat: "I would especially like to highlight the Tivat summer festivals, the International Carnival, Žućenica Fest, fish evenings, Tivat matinees on the terrace of the Pine Hotel , the Serbian assembly of folklorists, the Bućar Olympics, the Lastovo festival and many other events," said Lakičević.

PR and program manager of Porto Montenegro, Danilo Kalezić, presented a rich and exclusive program of events, which will make the summer in Montenegro the most exciting so far: "We are proud that Porto Montenegro will host the first edition of the Rubix Festival, from the 28th to the 30th of July, created in cooperation between the Festa organization and the Adriatic Marinas company. The festival will unite lovers of music, art, theater and technology. Guests of the festival will be the famous John Malkovich, Morcheeba band, DJ Damian Lazarus and many others. Some of the upcoming events include the Gumball 3000 Auto Rally (June 16), Dean Merlin Concert (June 24), SuperWine 10 (July 1), Mediterranean Cricket League (July 10-13), International Fashion Festival IFF (July 21-22), Gastro weekend (August 17-20), Pinko fashion show (September 16), The Crew Awards (October 20-22)", Kalezić pointed out.

"Luštica Bay is a destination of choice this summer as well: delight on as many as five beaches, the gastronomic story of the location woven by a series of restaurants along the promenade and the event calendar creates the identity of the summer in the new city on the Adriatic. The development of the destination is accompanied by the opening of Centrale Piazza - a new meeting place. Premium pub, national restaurant, cafeteria, conceptual beauty bar, art gallery, and other shopping units bring new energy to the city center. The five beaches are a unique signature of Luštica Bay - Almara Beach club and restaurant have been synonymous with a quality day at sea for years, and Ramla, as a new concept, brings an innovative dimension of fun on the beach. Among the events, I would like to highlight: Hello Summer Festival, scheduled for June 25; enjoyment of the classics is brought by the concert of Verica Čuljković and Quartet Unique will perform on July 13, and the theater performance of Marlene Dietrich is scheduled for July 15. Operosa – La Serva Pedrona by Paisiello will be played at Luštica Bay amphitheater on August 2. This sports season will be opened by the Luštica Bay Aquatlon on June 11, and the regional sports public is eagerly awaiting the UpHill Race on September 16," said Kristina Škanata, Luštica Bay Senior Marketing Executive.

Goran Božović, director of the Tivat Culture Center, announced the extremely important coming of age of the Festival of the Mediterranean Theater of Purgatory, which is scheduled to open on June 21 with the musical Flashdance by the Theater in Terazije, and close on August 31 with the Great Drama of the National Theater in Belgrade. "This summer's program will be extremely rich, we are expecting 8 or 9 competitive plays such as the premiere of the Bald Singer in the Center's own production, then the plays Children, The Grieving Family, The National Enemy, Gospel according to Dostoyevsky, Lungs, Father. The Dance Theater Festival awaits us with 5 phenomenal performances (Alfa girl, A dance tribute to the art of football, Leisure for Pleasure, Grand Bolero and Life Farm). There is also the premiere of the play in co-production with SNP Novi Sad and Beoart, the premiere of the play Oleana in its own production, as well as numerous accompanying programs that are worth attention - Filomena Marturano, Hasanaginica, Application Woland, Tre Sorele, the opera Ko to tamo peva, folklore, children's plays, Stand up by Zoran Kesić, music-p

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