Tree planting action within the “European Mobility Week”

20 Sep 2022

As part of the manifestation "European Mobility Week" in Tivat, in cooperation with educational institutions in the city, tree planting was organized.

The action is being implemented on the occasion of the Ozone Layer Protection Day, which was established in 1994. Also, on this day, September 20, Montenegro celebrates the Day of the Ecological State, which is celebrated as a national holiday for the first time this year.

Milica Manojlović, secretary of the Tivat Municipality's Spatial Planning Secretariat, points out that 110 olive, linden, and linden saplings will be planted as part of this action.

"The goal of today's activity is primarily the education of children in kindergartens and primary schools. We believe that this is one of the ways to make public areas better and more beautiful and to teach children how to protect the environment," said Manojlović.

The action of planting trees is one of the programs of the traditional event "European Mobility Week", which takes place in Tivat from September 16 to 22.

"This year too, the emphasis is on improving mobility and a more beautiful and greener city. So, in addition to planting trees and greening public areas, we also promote cycling, workshops on mobility for young people, as well as several sports competitions," says Patricia Pobrić, manager of the Municipality of Tivat.

The municipality of Tivat implements these activities in cooperation with educational institutions and a utility company. Pobrić points out that the bicycle repair workshop that will be held today at 18:00 on the Pine waterfront is particularly interesting, where citizens will be able to "finish" their bicycles and learn how to repair them themselves.

"The last activity for this year will be held on Thursday at 7 p.m. in the multimedia hall of the Municipality of Tivat, and it is the Mobility and Youth workshop," said Pobrić.

The European Mobility Week is celebrated every year from September 16 to 22, under the auspices of the European Commission. This event aims to favor non-motorized modes of transportation in cities over automobile traffic that uses fossil fuels, all with the aim of improving the quality of the environment in urban areas.

Every year, the European Mobility Week event has a certain theme, and this year's theme is: BETTER CONNECTIVITY.

Activities this year include planting actions with students, a bicycle race, a fancy women's bicycle ride, a bicycle repair workshop, a presentation of an application for sustainable forms of tourism as part of the SUSTOURISMO project and a lecture on "Youth and Mobility". Along with the Municipality of Tivat, the partners in the implementation of this week of mobility are SMŠ Mladost, Elementary School Drago Milović, Multisport Mayer Academy, Orids Advis doo, NGO Naša akcija, and NGO Forum MNE.


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