Twinning of DVD “Boka” and PGD “Košana” signed

09 Oct 2021

Yesterday, in the municipality of Tivat, a Charter on twinning was signed between the Tivat DVD "Boka" and PGD "Košana" from the Slovenian town of Pivka. The charter was signed by the president of DVD "Boka" Tripo Odzic and PGD "Kosana" Danijel Bostjancic, and the signing was attended by the mayor of Tivat Zeljko Komnenovic and associates, the mayor of Pivka Robert Smrdelj who headed the delegation from Slovenia and Lidija Petrona Kolar from the Directorate for protection and rescue of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro.

Last month, the Slovenian Voluntary Fire Brigade donated a used naval fire truck and 15 sets of personal protective equipment to the Tivat DVD "Boka".

The president of the municipality of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, welcomed the guests, and pointed out that such donations and cooperation are of great importance. Praising the number of voluntary fire brigades, of which there are currently three in Tivat, he emphasized that their technical equipment is still at an unsatisfactory level.

"What we have to work on, and for which we need your help, are trainings for obtaining international licenses. The Municipality of Tivat will try to help in the organization and strategic directions of the development of voluntary societies. "Tivat was hit by forest fires a few years ago, and then it proved best that the role of voluntary fire brigades is irreplaceable," said Komnenovic, announcing that Tivat and Boka will host a major international fire drill on earthquakes next year.

"When a company starts working, all things are welcome. The donated vehicle is old, but for a start it is quite good. I think that of all that, the most important is the friendship between the two societies ", said the mayor of Pivka, Robert Smrdelj. Referring to the historical connection between the two cities, Smrdelj said that the submarine that traveled from Tivat's Arsenal to Slovenia is the most recognizable exhibit in their museum.

During the talks, mutual will was expressed for deepening cooperation between cities in various fields.

After the signing of the Charter, a visit was made to the Tivat Protection Service, followed by the Museum of Maritime Heritage and the submarine Hero in Porto Montenegro.

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