A central public debate with local communities and citizens

09 Oct 2021

A public debate with local communities and citizens was held last night in the multimedia hall of the municipality of Tivat, in connection with the draft Decision on changes and amendments to the decision on the budget of the Municipality of Tivat for 2021. This draft envisages an increase in the budget by 3,080,000 euros, so that it would amount to 20,025,200 euros from the current 16,954,200 euros after the rebalance. The public debate was attended by representatives of local communities as well as interested citizens.

At the very beginning, all present were greeted by the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, and introduced them to the need to adopt the proposed rebalance, which would open opportunities for investment in capital projects in the municipality. The President mentioned some of the planned projects for future implementation, such as the school in Radovići, the reconstruction of the tower in the Buća Luković complex, the project of a new school in Župa, a new kindergarten on the Dumidran / Gradiošnica stretch, but also mentioned requests from schools from the area of ​​the municipality, such as: the roof of the elementary school "Drago Milović" and equipping the computer room for the Public High School "Mladost" Tivat.

The Secretary of the Secretariat for Finance, Jovan Brinić, pointed out that this debate refers to the rebalance of the budget by the end of the year, and that public debates for the proposal of the decision on the budget for 2022 will soon follow. As he stated, better collection of utilities has created the conditions for investing in capital projects in the municipality.

Slobodan Gredo on behalf of the Investment Directorate pointed out that this rebalance will enable the rehabilitation of local roads by the end of the year, for which the Municipality received € 100,000.00 from the Public Works Directorate, and will invest an additional € 350,000.00 of its own funds.

Citizens' interests varied from building new or rehabilitating existing roads, issues related to the Great City Park, the Župa site, to specific issues related to the amounts of individual items from the budget.

This public debate ended the Public Hearing Program regarding the draft Decision on Amendments to the Decision on the Budget of the Municipality of Tivat, followed by the Report on the Public Hearing conducted by the Secretariat for Finance.

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