Upgraded internet platform ‘System 48’

29 Jan 2024
The upgraded online platform "System 48" for reporting communal issues in the municipality of Tivat started operating last weekend. Transparency and monitoring the progress of the report, along with accurate and precise information about its status, are at the forefront of the new system. On the website tivat.sistem48.me, updated for the first time since its establishment in 2016, user reports can be successfully completed only when an appropriate response from the operator regarding the resolved communal issue is provided, along with an accompanying photo confirming it. Without these conditions, it is no longer possible to set the status of a successfully completed report, which was a deficiency on the old platform that often caused dissatisfaction among citizens and is a fundamental change in the system, as emphasized by the Secretariat for Local Government of the Municipality of Tivat. "After receiving it, the administrator from the Secretariat for Local Government opens the report, and then it becomes public and visible to everyone. The relevant local government body or the company that recognizes its competence then takes over the report and starts resolving it. If, by going to the site, it is determined that this body is not competent, the new system now allows transferring the report to the body identified as competent. All of this is visible to the reporter, which was not the case before," stated the Secretariat. The "System 48" platform applies to local authorities and services responsible for solving communal issues according to their competencies. If the reported communal problem falls within the jurisdiction of a state authority, the operators are obliged to forward specific reports to the competent authority for further action, closing the report to the user with an appropriate response about its further progress. Geolocation Map - On the homepage of the new "System 48," there is a map of Tivat where users can register the location and the current communal problem. On this map, citizens can see whether previously reported communal issues are at the same or nearby locations, and by clicking on the location tag, they can get information about them. The map is interactive and allows new users to send comments on existing, previously opened reports, avoiding the opening of duplicate reports at the same locations and preventing system overload. This method is also used to locate "hotspots" in the city when it comes to communal problems. Automatic Forwarding of Reports - A significant change compared to the previous System 48, contributing to more efficient resolution of communal issues, is the option to automatically forward certain categories of reports, such as noise, improper parking, and stray dogs, to the on-duty service. "This is usually the Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision, whose authorized personnel – communal police officers, will react immediately upon receiving the report. Thus, such citizen reports will no longer wait for the first working day after the weekend to be processed, but they will arrive at the address of the competent authority immediately," explained the Secretariat for Local Government. In order to ensure successful and efficient operation, a series of meetings and presentations of the updated System 48 have been held recently. Training for operators from the relevant authorities was conducted by Ivan Pajović, whose company provides external software support to the municipality. The Secretariat for Local Government also announced that they will report on received reports at the end of each month. System 48 Statistics in 2023 During 2023, a total of 771 citizen reports were recorded through the System 48 of the Municipality of Tivat. The highest number of reports relates to the areas of house rules and maintenance of residential buildings (147), control of construction works (105), public lighting (100), improper parking (98), potholes in streets and roads (62), noise (58), and maintenance of green areas (41). The Secretariat for Local Government notes that reports were also recorded for numerous other issues: illegal waste disposal, street cleaning, maintenance of rain gutters and torrents, sewage issues, and more. The highest number of tickets, over 90, was recorded in the summer months of June, July, and August, while the lowest number was recorded at the beginning of the year, around 30 per month. post slika