Works on the turnpike and stop near the school center completed

28 Aug 2023

The works on the construction of the turnpike in Omladinskih brigada street near the school center were completed during the weekend. In order to avoid congestion in this street, as well as related traffic jams on the Adriatic highway, it is planned that vehicles move along the mentioned street to the entrance to the "Drago Milović" Elementary School, where they would turn around and return on the same street without stopping. towards the main road. The works were completed within the stipulated time, and were carried out by the company "Asfalt beton gradnja". €76,000 was invested in this turnpike.

The director of the Directorate for Investments, Vlado Brguljan, expressed his satisfaction with the work done: "I hope that Omladinskih Brigada Street, reconstructed in this way, will bring traffic relief to this part of the city and that all road users, especially parents who drive their children to school, will adhere to the new traffic rules." "

As part of these works, in the immediate vicinity of the elementary school, in the area next to the "Takulin" store, a new bus stop was built, with the aim of relieving the intersection and the existing stop at the bottom of Pod kuk street. These steps are being taken towards a more efficient and safer organization of traffic in the school zone.

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