Awards presented to the best athletes and sports teams

30 Jan 2023

In the multimedia hall of the Municipality of Tivat, a formal reception was held today on the occasion of awarding the best athletes and sports teams in 2022. The Municipality of Tivat has joined the traditional, 26th election of the Section of Sports Journalists and Radio Tivat since 2022, and introduced cash prizes through changes to the Decision on Sports Financing.

The President of the Municipality of Tivat Željko Komnenović presented the awards to the best athletes.

In the Best Sports Team category, the accolade went to the "Arsenal" Football Club, butcher Gracija Stjepčević was declared the best athlete, while the accolade for the best sportswoman went to the handball player Danica Pandurević. The winners of these awards were also presented with cash prizes in the amount of 1,000 euros each.

Basketball player Andrej Fantić was declared the most promising young athlete under the age of fifteen, and judoka Milana Stevanović was declared the most promising young athlete under the age of fifteen. They were awarded a cash prize of 300 euros each.

President Komnenović pointed out that Tivat, regardless of all infrastructural problems, today has first league players and national team athletes who compete in international competitions.

"The Municipality of Tivat is trying to provide the best possible conditions for the development of sports. The intention of this local administration is for sport to be a development opportunity for the economic and tourist potential of the city," Komnenović said.

Special awards were also presented in the category "The best athletes of Tivat for 2022." and they were handed over by the Vice President of the Municipality, Goran Božović.

These awards went to sailor Nikola Golubović, judoka Stefan Kovinić, judoka Mia Božinović, basketball player Miloš Krivokapić, soccer player Ćetko Manojlović, kickboxer Lazar Klikovac, sports fisherman Radovan Popović and handball player Luka Manojlović.

The representative of the Section of Sports Journalists, Dragan Popadić, presented special awards for the year 2022, which went to the butcher Ilija Belan, the sailor Ilija Marković, the tennis player Martina Karadžić, the water polo player Andrija Bjelica, the judoka Mini Gogić, the basketball player Maša Praščević, the billiards player Nikola Pravilović, the soccer player Petar Ražnatović, rugby player Mitro Bošković, bodybuilder Antoni Matković, bodybuilder Matija Soković and karate player Sava Popović.

Special awards were presented to sports teams for 2022 by the director of Radio Tivat, Tamara Vučinović, and the winners are: ŽKK "Sea Stars", ŽOK "Akademija", ŽRK "Tivat", Sailing Club "Delfin", Judo Club "Monte Tatami", ŠK Mimosa", Rugby club "Arsenal", BK "Palma 1972", Kickboxing club "Rebel", KK "Pro basket", Sports fishing club "Sipa", Power lifting club "Natural 100%", Judo club Tivat, KK " Teodo" and Padel Club "Montenegro".

The recognition for the sports event was presented to the organizer of the event "Bokeški Half Marathon".

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