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21 Mar 2020

✅ The municipality of Tivat organizes the delivery of food and other necessities to citizens at greater risk from Corona virus: single persons over age of 65, patients with preconditions, patients with chronic illnesses and the disabled individuals. Users of the patronage nurses program and those living on social welfare are already taken care of by the Red Cross service.

✅ This system covers the entire municipality.

✅ The action aims to keep the people at greater risk in their homes and to provide them with food and other necessities efficiently.

✅ Volunteer delivery service will function as long as the epidemiological situation is in place.

✅ Delivery service will be operating every day except Sunday, but the call centre will work 24 hours a day.

✅ Delivery service is granted to persons over the age of 65, patients with chronic illnesses, impaired persons, pregnant women, visually impaired persons and others at risk categories.

✅ Delivery works in the following manner: Customers can contact the call centre, leave the necessary personal information and provide a list of foods and necessities needed. The volunteers will then stop by the given address, take the written order and the money, and go shopping.

✅ Orders and delivery take place from 09.00h to 19.00h. The call centre is open 24 hours for all information. Customers pay for groceries at purchasing price and with no additional cost for delivery, as volunteers work for free.

✅ Rules: Up to 15 items can be ordered (up to two kilograms at maximum individual weight). It is not possible to order alcohol or other products from the list of “luxury goods”.

MUNICIPAL TEAM PHONE CENTER 032 671 318 AND 069 351 251

New provisional measures protecting citizens from COVID19

16 Mar 2020

Montenegro, the only European CoronaFree country, introduces new provisional measures protecting citizens from COVID19:

1) Entry ban on foreign nationals (with the exception of those with Montenegrin residence permits and of the transport of goods)

2) Self isolation of inbound passengers

3) Ban on hospitality services in hotels, except for registered guests

4) Closing of discos, nightclubs, cafés, pubs, cafeterias, restaurants, bars, playrooms, fitness clubs, casinos, betting shops, gambling houses

5) Limitation of the number of customers – max 50 in shops and max 100 in farmers’ markets

Municipality Tivat has created a Viber Community

16 Mar 2020

Following the introduction of new measures to prevent the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 virus Municipality Tivat is putting all its channels of communication – the Internet, official accounts on social media platforms: the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – in the service of population protection.

To ease all communication, we invite all citizens to join the Tivat Municipality’s Viber community “Opština TIVAT – Community” for the latest posts regarding the most important information about the current epidemiological situation and the measures taken. Link to access the Viber community is as follows: https://invite.viber.com/?g2=AQB7r6Fcv4loG0s3trp0UeKdThKoR3B%2BTz2oGUR9oRZtHYXEzMIyeKYz8quiSr0h

March 5th – World Energy Efficiency Day

05 Mar 2020

The World Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated in honor of the first meeting of the World Energy Experts on energy crisis in the world and its possible solutions, held on the 5th of March 1998 in Austria.

This year, traditionally, the Municipality Tivat will celebrate the World Energy Efficiency Day by sharing energy efficient LED light bulbs for households. So stop by our Municipality building on Thursday, March 5th, and get your free energy efficient light bulb with some useful advice in terms of energy saving in your daily routine. 700 light bulbs will be distributed with LED light sources whose consumption is many times less than light bulbs of the same light power produced by traditional technology. For nine years in a row, the Municipality of Tivat has been conducting the action of distributing energy efficient light bulbs to its citizens.

Energy efficiency in the broadest sense means reducing energy loss and its efficient use in all areas of work, life and practical activity, that is, reducing energy consumption without disrupting comfort and standard of living.

Each of us can reduce energy consumption without disrupting our lifestyle, and in addition to contributing globally, it will also contribute to saving our own money.

Energy efficiency is directly related to environmental protection, since it promotes the use of renewable energy sources (sun, wind, river flows …). Municipality Tivat is implementing activities and projects precisely with the aim of increasing energy efficiency and a more responsible attitude towards the environment.

The goal of Tivat Municipality is to further develop the municipality as a city in which the priorities are balanced economic development, spatial planning and environmental protection. A very important factor is the awareness of the community when it comes to the environment and energy efficiency.

Consequently, following the European trends in the field of energy efficiency, the state of Montenegro adopted the Rulebook, which gradually from 2018, prohibited the placing of classic incandescent lamps on the market.