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The first football stadium for professional competitions

13 Feb 2020

The works on the construction of the FC Arsenal auxiliary football field are in the final stages. Tivat is soon to receive its first football stadium for professional competitions constructed in accordance with the FIFA standards.

The 7920 square meter terrain will feature automatic watering systems, artificial grass, lighting and fencing.

“The municipality of Tivat has, in two phases, invested a total of EUR 197,000.00 in the work on the preparation of the field, while the Football Federation of Montenegro has allocated around EUR 200,000.00 for the necessary equipment. After the renovation of the basketball court in the City Park and now the auxiliary ground of FC Arsenal, Tivat has set up a good foundation for the development of sports tourism. Considering the possibilities that the city provides, and the beginning of the realization of plans for the construction of a sports complex with an indoor swimming pool in Župa, I believe that we will aim to ensure that Tivat receives a status of an important sports destination, “stated Dr. Siniša Kusovac, mayor of Municipality Tivat.

The Municipality of Tivat has carried out preparatory works up to the level of installation of artificial grass, while the procurement of watering systems, sprinklers, grass, goals and benches was a donation of the Football Federation of Montenegro.

A public debate – Environmental Impact Assessment Study for sanitation of Port Kalimanj

31 Jan 2020

The Directorate for Investments, Municipality Tivat has submitted to the Agency for Nature and Environment Protection from Podgorica a request for approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment Study for cleaning of the Port Kalimanj, Tivat Municipality.

The submitted Elaborate can be viewed on the premises of the Agency for Nature and Environment Protection, address: Proleterske IV Street 19, II floor, office number 216 or at the Secretariat for Planning and Sustainable Development of the Municipality of Tivat, on working days from 8 to 11 hours, as well as on the web, the website of the Agency for the Protection of the Environment and the Environment www.epa.org.me or the website of the Municipality of Tivat www.opstinativat.me.

The deadline for public consultation and submission of comments and opinions in writing to the address of the Agency for Nature and Environmental Protection is until 26.02.2020.

A public panel on the present Study will be held at the Multimedia Hall, Municipality of Tivat building, on February 21, 2020, beginning at 10 AM.

Study – pdf

Public participation with an aim to develop a detailed urban planning and possible planning solutions of Lepetane, municipality Tivat

31 Jan 2020

In order to make the public aware of the goals and purpose of developing the Detailed Urban Plan, possible planning solutions and planning effects, for Lepetane, municipality Tivat, pursuant to Article 27 of the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Facilities (Official Gazette of Montenegro, Nos. 64/17, 44/18 and 63/18),  the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism , has organized

in the period from 01/30/2020 to 03/01/2020

Pursuant to the Art. 6 and 7 of the Rule-book on the methodology of drafting the planning document and the closer way of organizing previous public participation (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 88/17), thus through information and consultation, public will be familiarized with the current planning.

The proposals, suggestions and information of the interested participants can be submitted to this Ministry via e-mail: javna.rasprava@mrt.gov.me within 30 days from the date of publication of the previous public participation on the website of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

The concept of the plan – PDF

Spatial Planning Program for municipality Tivat for 2020 – draft

20 Jan 2020

Public hearing program – PDF

Spatial Planning Program for municipality Tivat for 2020 – draft – PDF