Announcement – Voluntary blood donation campaign in the Municipality of Tivat

01 Aug 2022

The thirteenth campaign of voluntary blood donation will be held on Wednesday, August 3, in the multimedia hall of the Municipality of Tivat from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, organized by the Municipality of Tivat, in cooperation with the Institute for Blood Transfusion of Montenegro – Kotor department and with the support of the municipal organization of the Red Tivat cross.

Employees of local government bodies, local public enterprises and public institutions, as well as other interested citizens, will be able to donate blood.

Reaction of the leaders of the Municipality to last night’s events

06 Dec 2020

Although the election of a free democratic government and the fall of the DPS regime were a great reason for the celebration of all well-meaning citizens, we do not justify the way of celebration seen in Tivat. Tivat’s local self-government is currently facing a budget deficit of 3.5 million euros, rationalization of the over-sized municipal administration, mitigation of the consequences of the corona-virus pandemic and countless other accumulated problems left by the previous government. Such events give rise to those who ravaged the city coffers and brought us all to the brink of civil war, to falsely moralize and spill empty phrases about civil peace and maintaining inter-ethnic harmony, trying to divert the story from the topic of their responsibility.

Togetherness, wisdom, responsibility and tolerance are more necessary than ever for all of us, regardless of religion and nationality.

That is why we call on all citizens of Tivat to refrain from reckless and inappropriate activities, and to show personal responsibility, in order to preserve civil peace, prevent the spread of corona-virus and fight for a better Tivat. Let us not allow the slightest shadow to fall on the historic change of government in Tivat and Montenegro, and show that our common future and coexistence are far more important than our daily politics.

Mayor of the Municipality Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic

Deputy Mayors of the municipality Tivat, Vladimir Arsić and Goran Božović

Public institution Dnevni Centar for children and youth with disabilities

08 Sep 2020

The Day Care Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, opened its doors to all users in 2020, providing a comprehensive and quality service aimed at raising the quality of life of users and their families.

The construction of a multi functional building in which the Day Care Center is located, with a total area of ​​680m2, is an investment of the Municipality of Tivat worth € 660,000. Users have at their disposal a space of about 300m2, which is equipped and arranged to meet all prescribed standards and is a safe place to socialize, acquire new knowledge, rehabilitate, to provide training and many other activities for children and youth.

The Day Care Center currently provides services for up to 20 users, and is staffed by a professional team consisting of a psychologist, pedagogue, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, phrenologist, nurse, and caregiver. If necessary, other experts will be hired additionally. This institution offers a half-day and full-day service depending on the needs of each individual user.

With the construction of this facility and the establishment of the Day Care Center by the local government, Tivat and its citizens received a much-needed and long-awaited service in the field of child and social protection.

Support to the NGO projects

23 Jul 2020

In the past period, the Commission for Allocation of Funds to Non-Governmental Organizations consulted with representatives of Tivat non-governmental organizations and passed a Decision amending the Decision on Allocation of Funds for NGO Projects for 2020. With this decision, the projects of non-governmental organizations which, due to the current epidemiological situation, can be realized in a certain part, will be supported in a way that the existing budgets will be harmonized and the approved amount of funds will be adjusted.

Namely, the Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities of the Municipality of Tivat conducted in the first quarter of 2020, the procedure of the public competition for the distribution of funds to non-governmental organizations for 2020, in accordance with the Decision on criteria, manner and procedure of distribution. The Decision entered into force and acted upon at the time of the proclamation of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Due to the impossibility of public gatherings to the extent required by most project activities of non-governmental organizations, the necessity of repealing the Decision allocating funds to non-governmental organizations in 2020 was noticed.

“During the consultations with the representatives of non-governmental organizations, we noticed that there are conditions for the realization of certain activities, ie projects that include electronic communication and presentation, ie individual work. That is why it was decided that these NGOs be paid a part of the approved funds in order to enable the realization of part of the projects “, said on this occasion the Secretary of the Secretariat for Culture and Social Affairs, Dubravka Nikčević, MA. “It is important at this time, to recognize those projects that are important for the development of the local community and the NGO sector itself, and which can be implemented without hindrance, and support them, as the Municipality of Tivat has done so far,” she said. Nikčević.

Based on all the above, the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Dr. Siniša Kusovac, signed contracts with 4 non-governmental organizations. NGO “Klapa Jadran” received support in the amount of € 2,857.1 for its project activities. NGO “Children of Tivat” for the project “Let the planet bloom” received support in the amount of 2,000 €. The NGO “European Home” and the project “Services for Children with Developmental Disabilities” were supported with € 3,056 and the project “Tivat Breviary” of the NGO “Boka – Donja Lastva” was supported with € 2,000. The full implementation of these agreements will be conditioned by the current situation.

At the moment, in accordance with the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Allocation of Funds for NGO Projects for 2020, there will be no financial support for those projects that cannot be implemented due to the epidemiological situation. The non-governmental sector and the general public will be informed about all possible changes in a timely manner.

Decision on repealing the Decision on temporary suspension of the implementation of the Decision on allocation of funds for projects of non-governmental organizations for 2020 – PDF
Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Allocation of Funds for NGO Projects for 2020- PDF

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