Dr. Andrija Petković: Tivat renewed its membership with IRE

16 Dec 2020
The Municipality of Tivat has renewed its membership with the IRE (Institute of the Region of Europe), based in Salzburg, which consists of over 160 municipalities, regions, institutions and companies from all over Europe. Informing the President of the Assembly, Dr. Andrija Petković, that the application for renewal of membership has been resolved positively, the President of the Assembly of the IRE, Franz Schausberger, stated: - Mr. Petković renewal of your membership is a clear and strong sign that even in times of crisis, cities and regions of Europe strive for cooperation, aware that European cooperation makes regions and municipalities much stronger. We are happy that one city, which is a true Adriatic oasis, becomes a member of IRE again, and as a sign of welcome we are pleased to inform you that as a small token of attention, we will clear the old debt that Tivat has to our organization - said Schausberger. post slika