Leaders of the Municipality Tivat stated that there is no political revenge and called on citizens to refrain from activities that contribute to increase of tensions

16 Dec 2020

The president of the municipality, Zeljko Komnenovic, and the vice presidents of the municipality, Vladimir Arsic and Goran Bozovic answered the questions of the journalists at yesterday's press conference.

The media were interested in the criteria of the local government when terminating the employees' contracts, having in mind the claims of the Social Democrats that one of the criteria was party affiliation, and that one employee was allegedly fired because he played the national anthem. The Vice President of the Municipality of Tivat, Goran Božović, emphasized that the employment contract with any employee in the Municipality was not terminated, and that the alleged criteria of "political affiliation", presents heinous lies and subterfuges.

"We took into account their previous engagement in appropriate jobs, as well as the qualifications and education they possess. An additional criteria was the annual evaluations, so in the event that the same job was covered by two employees who meet the same criteria, the employee who received better grades in previous years of employment remained at the job. It is an unscrupulous untruth that someone was fired because he played the national anthem. An official was assigned to the mentioned job, whose work evaluation had better grades in the previous period, and that is an easily verifiable fact. "- said Božović.

The president of the municipality, Zeljko Komnenovic, emphasized that the new municipal administration is doing what was promised in the pre-election program of the three political parties that run the city. "It is absurd to claim that these are dismissals along party lines, given that most of the employees who remain in their positions are members of the DPS and other parties that exercised power in Tivat in the previous term. Among these people, there are officials, councilors, and even candidates for DPS deputies. "Some of them who did their job well have conscientiously even progressed to higher positions, but those who attack us do not want to mention that," Komnenović emphasized.

A call on the citizens not to succumb to tensions

"All disputable gatherings and chants were orchestrated from the same center, which is trying to divert attention from the catastrophic financial situation caused by the non-domestic managements of our municipality. One of the priorities of the new administration is certainly inter-ethnic harmony, but also the quality functioning of the local government, "said Komnenović.

Vice President Božović assessed the claims that fireworks were fired from the municipal building a few days ago as untrue. "This is a classic subterfuge and we call on the citizens to refrain from any activities that cause discord and intolerance on either side, because they do not go in favor of the ruling majority."

Answering questions about the contacts of the local government with members of the newly elected Government of Montenegro, President Komnenovic said that he had made contact with some ministers and received assurances that Tivat will have the support of the Government when it comes to solving many problems. As very controversial, the president mentioned the problem of land expropriation in Klačina and said that the new administration, unlike the previous one, manages to find a solution through direct talks with the locals. He thanked the citizens for their understanding.

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