European Youth Card (EYCA) available to young people in Tivat

01 Mar 2021

The Municipality of Tivat and the Secretariat for Social Activities invite all young people age 13-29 to download their European Youth Card (EYCA), which is available to them completely free of charge. The card can be picked up every working day from 9 am to 11 am at the premises of the Secretariat for Social Activities. The Municipality of Tivat has recognized the importance of the European Youth Card (EYCA), and so far more than 500 benefit cards with city motifs have been distributed.

The European Youth Card (EYCA) enables the use of over 200 discounts in Montenegro and over 70,000 discounts throughout Europe, as well as a refund at all CashBack World partners in Montenegro and worldwide. All companies that provide discounts or refunds are on the EYCA and CashBack World Montenegro sites.

The most used EYCA discounts are: Crnogorski Telekom, Sport Vision, Tehno Plus, Obuća Minja, Monte Parts, Peony, Nova knjiga, Bar Kod Shop perfumeries, Mil Medika, Foto Boni, Cineplexx, Hard Rock, etc.

The most used CashBack benefits are: Aroma markets, INA Montenegro, HD Laković, Castellana, Tea Medica, Kuća Hemije, Kidsland, Meditas, Dama, OVS, Paradiso, Tenero Fashion, Apoteke Maxima, Antony Morato, Nike Shop, etc.

“To use a refund by scanning the CashBack barcode on the back of the EYCA card, you must register for free on the CashBack platform and enter the barcode located on the EYCA card (CashBack benefits on the link) or do the same process via the CashBack mobile app. If you use cards, and you do not have a barcode, you can pick it up at the premises of the above mentioned Secretariat.

The European Youth Card Project (EYCA) in Tivat is implemented in partnership with the NGO "Center for Youth Education", the Directorate for Sports and Youth and the Municipality of Tivat, which provided free EYCA cards for young people in the municipality, as well as an educational program of 6 thematic workshop that will be realized in the coming period, when the epidemiological situation allows.

Note: We ask all young people to respect the social distance and wear a protective mask when arriving at the premises of the Secretariat for Social Activities.

Author of the photograph used for the graphic solution: Mihael Miko Đuričić

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