Compliance with measures during the weekend -Irregularities recorded on construction sites-

28 Feb 2021

Yesterday, the Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision of the Municipality of Tivat, in cooperation with members of the Security Department of Tivat, market inspection and Tivat firefighters, implemented routine checks for compliance with the measures prescribed by the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases and orders issued by the Ministry of Health. Members of the Rescue Service, DVD "Krtoli" and the Voluntary Fire Brigade took part in the work of mixed patrols that toured all parts of Tivat. The patrols visited the center, Donja Lastva, Gornja Lastva, Seljanovo, Krtole, especially the beach Plave horizonte, Krašiće, Luštica Bay, Gradiošnica… Mixed patrols will continue their work today.

The control of trade facilities, gas stations, promenades, picnic areas, beaches and open construction sites was also performed. Irregularities were recorded at two construction sites, in Donja and Gornja Lastva, where a large number of workers were found without protective masks. The Municipal Inspector issued four misdemeanor orders for legal entities and responsible persons in the legal entity, in the total amount of € 5,000.

According to the Secretary for Inspection and Communal Supervision, Jelena Šćekić, the citizens mostly complied with the measures, there were no gatherings of people in the open, most citizens are wearing masks and maintaining physical distance. No irregularities were recorded in the trade facilities and prescribed measures are clearly displayed.

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