Execution of urgent works – Lorovina Street

11 Jul 2023
The Secretariat for the Economy of the Municipality of Tivat informs the public that based on Decision no. 16-341/23-UPI-26/1 of 11.07.2023. year, start the execution of urgent excavation works in the street "Lorovina" (one transverse ditch) at cat. plot no. 406 KO Mrčevac, in order to repair the fault in order to ensure a safe supply of electricity to consumers in the said street. The contractor is obliged to ensure the smooth and safe flow of traffic, as well as to take all measures for the security and protection of traffic participants. Work on digging a trench in the road will be carried out on July 12, 2023. years. We thank the citizens in advance for their understanding and ask for caution. post slika