Temporary suspension of traffic in the streets of Đačak, Luka Tomanovića, II Dalmatinska and 21. Novembra

07 Jun 2023

The Secretariat for the Economy informs the public that based on Decision no. 10-341/23-UPI-464/1 dated May 25, 2023. year, to temporarily stop traffic in the streets: Đačka (from JPU "Bambi" to the intersection with Luka Tomanovića Street), Luka Tomanovića (from the intersection with Đačka Street to the roundabout on the main road), II Dalmatinska (from the roundabout on the main road to the intersection with 21. Novembra Street) on November 21 (from the intersection with II Dalmatinske Street to the Maršala Tito promenade - Riva Pine) due to the Maskarana Bubijada - a parade of VW vintage cars, the International Carnival Parade and the Children's Carnival Parade organized by NVU "Maškarada" Tivat .

The temporary suspension of traffic will last on June 10, 2023. from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., as well as on June 11, 2023. year from 18 to 21 hours.

During the temporary suspension of traffic, the passage of emergency vehicles will be allowed in case of need.

We thank the citizens in advance for their understanding and wish them a nice time.

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