In 2021 – € 315.000 for Tivat sports organizations

19 Mar 2021

Based on a public competition and a proposal of the Commission for the distribution of funds budgeted for sport organisations, the Secretariat for Social Activities of the Municipality of Tivat has made a Decision to co-finance the work program of a total of 36 sports organizations for 2021 in the amount of € 315,000.

"The time of crisis cannot and will not stop sports in Tivat. The Municipality of Tivat has, in accordance with its capabilities and the overall situation and strictly taking into account the clearly defined funding criteria allocated significant funds for Tivat sport organizations. We have an important job ahead of us to bring order to this area, so that every investment is justified and deserved, with the ultimate goal of the overall development of sports in Tivat. "- said the mayor Zeljko Komnenovic on this occasion.

The 60,000 € is intended to finance the work of the Football Club "Arsenal", 45,000 € will be directed to the work of the Basketball Club "Teodo", while the Handball Club "Partizan 1949" and sailing club "Dolphin" shall receive €14,900 and € 39,000 respectively. Data on funding of all 36 sports organizations can be viewed at this link.

In accordance with the provisions of the agreement, the mayor Zeljko Komnenovic will sign agreements with sports organizations on co-financing their work programs, and the transfer of funds will be done at the request of each sports organization. The budget of the Municipality of Tivat for 2021 envisages a total of € 350,000 for sports, of which 60% is intended for co-financing the work programs of sports organizations, up to 30% is intended for co-financing the work of sports organizations founded by the Municipality, while the remaining 10% is a sports reserve. The distribution of funds is done on the basis of the criteria of mass, tradition, success and competition costs.

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