New sports facilities

09 Sep 2020

Reconstruction of the auxiliary football field of FC "Arsenal"

Investing in sports infrastructure is a precondition for the development of sports tourism, but also for the popularization of sports in general, the achievement of sports successes and the constant progress of individuals and teams involved in sports. In the past period, several sports courts and fields in Tivat have been renovated and built, and when it comes to building new sports facilities, which would meet professional sports standards the local government has ambitious plans.

One of the major infrastructure investment projects is the recent reconstruction of the auxiliary field of the Football Club "Arsenal". This project offered Tivat the first football stadium according to FIFA standards for professional competitions. The 7,920-square-meter site has automatic watering systems, artificial grass turf and a fence. The Municipality of Tivat has invested a total of € 197,000 in two phases of field preparation works, while the Football Association of Montenegro has allocated around € 220,000 for the same purpose. The Municipality of Tivat carried out preparatory works up to the level of installing artificial grass, while the procurement of watering systems, sprinklers, grass, goals and benches for reserve players was a donation from the Football Association of Montenegro.

Basketball court in the Great City Park

The basketball court located in the Great City Park, in the previous period, got a completely new look, since it is used in large numbers by young people, amateurs and professionals. The works worth around € 30,000 included: leveling the court, setting up two basketball structures with all the accompanying elements, installing a grandstand with 140 seats, but also installing a sports floor covering that covered 580 m2 of the existing court.

After the renovation of the basketball court in Main Park, Veliki Park, and the auxiliary court of FC "Arsenal", Tivat creates good preconditions for the development of sports tourism. The beginning of the construction of a sports complex with the indoor pool in Župa will also contribute to that.

Sport courts in Donja Lastva

The construction of a small sports complex, which will house two multifunctional sports fields and a facility of 80 m2, with locker rooms, toilets and a cafeteria, is underway at the main promenade  in Donja Lastva. The 1000m² field is covered with artificial grass and is intended for football, while the other 700m court field with a base of rubber granulate with installed baskets is to be a playground for several sports (basketball, volleyball, handball) is drawn. Also in this area, a children's playground with associated furniture and the so-called "streetworkout" polygon are planned.

The total value of the project is around € 200,000, and its significance is multiple: popularization of sports and healthy lifestyles, creation of additional content for children and youth in this part of Tivat.

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