Meeting with representatives of Tivat local communities

28 Jul 2023

Jelena Šćekić, the newly appointed secretary for local administration in the Municipality of Tivat, organized today an initial meeting with representatives of Tivat's local communities. The meeting was attended by Đuro Grubišić (President of the Lepetani Municipal Health), Ivona Petrović (President of the Krašići Municipal Health), Miloš Tripinović (President of the Krtoli Municipal Health) and Dragan Bulajić (President of the Gradiošnica Municipal Health). They introduced Secretary Šćekić to the activities from the previous period, but also to the daily problems they face in their local communities, and to the administrative and technical difficulties in their work.

"Regular meetings where we will solve current problems will become a practice in our future work." Local communities are part of the unique system of local government and as such they are an important link between citizens and municipal authorities" - pointed out Šćekić and announced a tour of local communities for the period after the tourist season.

The local community of Lepetani informed the authorities about the problem of the lack of a detailed urban plan for this part of the Tivat territory, but also about the problem of parking that troubles the residents and guests of this part of Tivat every day. As a key problem of the local community of Gradiošnica, the problem of abandoned livestock that is not kept in an adequate way and endangers the property and safety of citizens stands out. In the coming period, it is expected to continue the work on the sidewalk along the main road, all the way to the elementary school building.

Representatives of the Krašići and Krtoli Municipalities are satisfied with what was done in the previous period, and the need for a more intense presence of communal policemen in Krašići was highlighted. The local communities are satisfied with the cooperation with the municipal companies: the utility company, water supply and sewerage, and special praise goes to the Directorate for Investments of the Municipality of Tivat, which in the past period met the demands of the citizens. Local communities where summer festivals are organized have requested a change in the way these programs are organized, and a certain number of criticisms have been addressed to the Public Enterprise for the Management of Marine Assets.

Six local communities are currently formed on the territory of the municipality of Tivat, including, in addition to the ones mentioned, the Municipalities of Lastva-Seljanovo and the Municipalities of Center. In the near future, the election of new bodies of these local communities will be started, and the plan is also to change their status in terms of division into two or more local communities, with the aim of making these organizational units function as efficiently as possible.

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