Miljan Marković is the new president of the Tivat Municipal Assembly

02 Dec 2022

With the votes of 17 councilors of the coalition "Da zapečatimo-Let's seal -NP-DCG-DSS-PES", Democratic Front, Krtoljska List, Tivat Action and Boke Forum, graduate economist Miljan Marković was elected today as the new president of the Tivat Municipal Assembly.

With his election and verification of council mandates, a new convocation of the Council of Tivat, elected in extraordinary local elections on October 23, was constituted. Dissatisfied with the fact that, after the report of the MEC, the Council of Ministers immediately verified the mandate of one DF councilor who got the councilor position instead of his elected colleague who resigned in the meantime, 14 councilors from the opposition parties DPS, SDP, SD, LP and HGI, immediately at today's session. they left the hall before the vote for the appointment of the new SO president. Commenting on this move by the opposition, the President of the Municipality Željko Komnenović said that political options and individuals are divided into those who are for the development of the city and those who are not, which, he added, is quite clear even after this session.

"This is nothing new and nothing we haven't seen during the last two years, through various attempts and obstructions. What is really important is that after one year we constituted a stable parliamentary majority, a new convocation that should make decisions in favor of our citizens, and everything else is secondary things, ideology and empty political stories. If they want to continue insisting on it, I wish them luck on that path, but we don't have the time, nor do we have the mandate of the citizens of Tivat to deal with it," he said.

Komnenović pointed out that they received mandates from the citizens to implement their election program, which is the development of Tivat and a strong investment cycle, given that in the last two years they dealt with it in the best way, despite the crisis management, with the stabilization of the city budget.

"Tivat has a stable city coffers, it's time for investments, it's time to build local infrastructure and all that Tivat has lacked in recent years and decades. I congratulate all councilors of the new convocation and invite them to work constructively and efficiently for the benefit of the citizens of Tivat," said Komnenović.

In response to a journalist's question, he said that the coalition agreement of the new majority is nearing its end.

"The functions of the executive and legislative authorities are divided. The legislature was formed today headed by Mr. Marković, who was the holder of the DF list, the president of the Municipality is still my little one in front of the most numerous group "Narod pojeđeja", the vice-presidential positions went to the Krtoljska list and the Bokeš forum, and other functions and committees were defined, more signature on this document is expected".

Komnenović pointed out that during the long and exhaustive negotiations, they were guided by the election results and democratic principles.

"This was seen in action today during the election of the President of the Assembly, given that the DF won three mandates and is the second strongest in the new parliamentary majority. We will try to bring the most professional people to the most responsible positions, and what interests us now is the stable parliamentary power we have now and the best possible implementation of all the plans and investment ventures that we, and the citizens of Tivat, want," concluded Komnenović.

Miljan Marković, the holder of the Democratic Front - For the Future of Tivat and Boka list, who was voted for by 17 councilors of the future coalition, was elected as the President of the Municipal Council of Tivat today.

"We simply want Tivat to move forward strongly. We have lost a lot of time in frictions in the last year and now it is important that the citizens of Tivat have full confidence in us 17 and that we work in their favor. It is important that we have a majority, a coalition agreement has been reached and only some details remain to be clarified. Today we showed and proved that we want to work and move forward", said Marković.

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