Mixed inspections during the weekend – irregularities in catering facilities

23 Nov 2021

Last weekend, mixed patrols continued to control compliance with epidemiological measures in the municipality of Tivat. Teams composed of tourist state inspectors, communal inspectors, communal police and OB Tivat police visited trade and catering facilities in the morning and evening. Violation of measures was recorded in the catering facility "KLM", which operates as part of doo "Ipanema". After midnight, a music program was performed in the mentioned bar and several people were found consuming drinks, contrary to the measures adopted in order to suppress the COVID-19 pandemic, which was determined by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro for the period from 15 to 30 November 2021. which specifies the obligations of companies and entrepreneurs who perform catering activities in catering facilities to organize work in the period from 7 am to midnight, except for guests who are accommodated in the hotel. An official note was made on this and forwarded to the Police Administration of OB Tivat for further action.

During these inspections, the municipal police officer, performing the tasks within his competence, and in accordance with the Law on Tourism and Catering, recorded an irregularity in the catering facility "Marea", Porto Montenegro, where it was noticed that the responsible person did not have a limiter installed on the device. volume. For the said misdemeanor, misdemeanor orders will be issued to the legal and responsible person in the total amount of EUR 2,200.00.

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