Meeting of the Municipal Protection and Rescue Team – Kovid infirmary maxed its capacities

26 Nov 2021

Today, the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, held the ninth meeting of the Municipal Protection and Rescue Team, at which it was announced that the municipal volunteer team will be reorganized, as well as the call center for people in self-isolation. According to the Tivat Health Center, there are currently 224 actively infected with coronavirus, and according to the cumulative incidence rate, Tivat is still in the red zone from the current 1,940 patients per 100,000 and has the highest number of patients in Montenegro.

Between 100 and 110 examinations are performed daily in the kovid outpatient clinic in the premises of DTV Partizan, while between 10 and 15 children are examined daily in the pediatric kovid outpatient clinic. Due to the increased workload and lack of staff, the Kovid clinic is currently under heavy pressure. It is also pointed out that 6681 citizens in Tivat have received two doses so far, while 1412 citizens have been vaccinated with the third dose.

Currently, there are a total of 101 people in self-isolation in primary and secondary schools. The Tivat Epidemiological Service announced that the school population, as well as the holding of funerals in the previous period, is the main incubator for the spread of the infection.

At the beginning of November, mixed patrols were reintroduced, consisting of officials from the Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision, Market and Tourist Inspections, as well as members of the Tivat Security Department, who carry out strict controls over compliance with epidemiological measures in trade and catering facilities over the weekend. The Sanitary Inspection, in cooperation with the police, controls persons in self-isolation on a daily basis, and from these state bodies, stricter controls of the movement of these persons have been announced in the coming period.

The Protection Service and the Tivat Voluntary Fire Brigade, in cooperation with the Communal Company, will disinfect public institutions and areas during the upcoming weekend.

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