13 Aug 2020
Following the vision of Tivat as a city of culture, theater and music, which is recognized as such in the country and the region, in the past four years, more precisely in the period from 2016 to mid-2020, the Municipality of Tivat has invested over 3.7 million €. These investments refer to investments in cultural facilities, memorials, program activities of Tivat cultural institutions, events and publishing activities organized by the Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities of the Municipality of Tivat, but also in the work of other entities engaged in this field. "After more than a decade, the Municipality of Tivat paid due attention to the cultural facilities in Tivat, so the reconstruction of the large hall of the" Cultural Center "Tivat and the facility of DTV" Partizan "was carried out. The total value of these operations amounted to € 1,049,000.00. The "Museum and Gallery" building was adapted for the amount of € 177,000.00, and significant funds were invested in conservation and restoration works on the memorials, almost € 20,000.00 ", said the Mayor Siniša Kusovac and added:" We are clear with this showed that one of the strategic commitments of the local government is the further development of culture and investment in the highest quality cultural content, which make Tivat recognizable and appreciated. " Only for the program activities of cultural institutions in Tivat, the Municipality has allocated almost 1.8 million euros, of which about € 970,000.00 is directed to the festival of the Mediterranean Theater "Purgatory". Apart from this recognized and well-known cultural event, which animates a large number of cultural lovers throughout the summer, these investments also relate to art, gallery and publishing, the purchase of exhibits, music programs, and the acquisition of a literary collection. Some of the most important events funded within this segment are: Mediterranean Notes, Accordion Fest, Guitar Fest, Music Promenades, Made in New York Jazz Festival. The Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities supported numerous events and entities that organized them, in the amount of over 460 thousand euros. Support was also provided to the NGO sector, those organizations and projects that dealt with culture. For these purposes, 182 thousand euros were invested, which is more than 70% of the total allocated funds directed to the work of the Tivat NGO sector. "The Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities, in accordance with the laws in the field of culture and the Cultural Development Program of the Municipality of Tivat 2015-2020, initiated the establishment of a theater and a city library. In that sense, after the adoption of the Study on the justification of the reorganization of the Public Institution "Cultural Center" Tivat and the establishment of cultural institutions of the Public Institution "Tivat Theater" and the Public Institution "City Library" Tivat, we have prepared proposals for decisions on the establishment of these institutions. - said Dubravka Nikčević, Secretary of the Secretariat for Culture and Social Affairs. It is important to say that entities from the state and private sector (Ministry of Culture, Luštica Development, Adriatic Marinas, etc.) have also invested in cultural content through donations and sponsorships.