Notice on the execution of works on the preparation of the ground and planting in the street “Bokeljska”

07 Jun 2023

The Secretariat for Spatial Planning informs the public that on Thursday /06.08/, work will be carried out on the preparation of the ground for planting a total of 12 Celtis australis seedlings (lat. Celtis australis L), at the location of the recently built parking lot in the Seljanovo settlement, i.e. on the area intended for greening on to the north-eastern part of cat. plot 293/1 KO Tivat. The delivery and planting of the seedlings will be done on the same or the next day, depending on the dynamics of the preparation of the planting pits.

For the sake of unhindered access and maneuvering of machinery and personnel, we ask the owners, i.e. users of vehicles, to remove them in a timely manner from the parking lot, which is located at the level of the greening area, i.e. northeast towards the residential buildings on cat. plots 329/1 and 329/3, both KO Tivat. The parking area should remain temporarily free of vehicles until the planting is complete.

Citizens are asked for understanding and cooperation.

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