The third international carnival in Tivat from June 8 to 11

07 Jun 2023

The third international carnival in Tivat will gather over 300 carnivalists from 15 countries, including carnival groups from Brazil, Bolivia, Aruba, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Holland, it was announced at the press conference held on the occasion of the announcement of this event.

"We expect a large number of carnival participants from 15 countries around the world. Along with local carnivalists, there will be over 500 participants in the carnival procession. We will have high representatives and special guests from the Federation of European Carnival Cities. We made sure that the third carnival was memorable, that it did not deviate at all from the quality and set standards that we set in previous years. The program is rich and varied. We tried to integrate several characteristics of our city and to connect it all through beautiful emotions and all that the carnival brings", said the Festival manager and the director of the Culture Center Goran Božović.

Carnival festivities begin on Thursday, June 8, at 8 p.m. at the Tivat Museum and Gallery with the opening of an exhibition of photos from previous carnivals. "Then, on June 9, we organize a masquerade ball on the water for foreign carnivalists and VIP guests. The ball will be held on board Katice and catamaran Tahiti. This is the specifics of our event, which is why carnivalgoers from abroad remember our carnival and, thanks to those events, it is already one of the most prestigious in the region," said Božović. He noted that the main day of the carnival is Saturday, June 10, and the program starts at 8 p.m.

"The carnival procession will take place from the roundabout to Pina, where a stage of 250 square meters and LED screens will be set up so that tourists and citizens can observe everything that is happening. After that, a concert of the attractive group "Brasil samba show" will be held. Then the atmosphere will be heated up by the Amadeus band".

On Sunday, June 11, a children's carnival is planned from 7 p.m. with a performance by selected carnival groups from Tivat and surrounding towns. Goran Božović says that he hopes the time will come when, as he said, people in positions will understand how important this carnival is.

"All of us work for free, voluntarily, out of enthusiasm and give this top event to our city. I guarantee entertainment of a folk character and I guarantee that it will be the most massive folk manifestation in our city," concluded Božović. The Municipality of Tivat is aware of the importance of this manifestation and is grateful to the organizers because, according to announcements, this event will bring a large number of participants and visitors to the city. "It is about an exceptional tourist attraction, which aspires to be a brand of Tivat. It will gather tourists from various countries, who will want to return to our city, and our citizens will eagerly await the carnivalists", said the secretary for social activities Olivera Mišković Vidojević on behalf of the Municipality of Tivat.

The Tourist Organization of Tivat does not hide their satisfaction that they will host a large number of carnival participants and tourists during the III International Carnival. "Carnival represents a step up in the development of Tivat as a tourist destination, and therefore tourist offers, especially when you consider the fact that the carnival takes place in the pre-season. This is a good input for Tivat in the season that is ahead of us," said TO Tivat director Nina Lakičević. On Saturday, starting at 6:30 p.m., an exhibition of Volkswagen vintage cars is planned on Tivat's Pine waterfront.

"We will participate in the carnival with a parade of masked bugs. You all know that Volkswagen bugs bring smiles and enthusiasm to all passers-by, so I think it's a good addition to the entire program," said Zlatko Janković in the middle of the Volkswagen Oldtimer Association. The sailing club Delfin is also a friend of Karneval, and their representative Matija Grabić is convinced that Tivat will be "buzzing with fun".

"Tivat is a party city and I hope it will look like a real, smiling, summer, Mediterranean city. Finally we will have a carnival regatta, we will have children in masks. For everything that happens in the city and everything that this organization does, I can only praise it very much," said Grabić.

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