Prime Minister Dusko Markovic in Tivat: This is a municipality for example, not only hotels and resorts are being considered here, but also the needs of citizens

17 Dec 2019
The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković, paid a working visit to Tivat and talked about the development projects of the city with the President of the Municipality, Dr. Siniša Kusovac, the President of the Municipal Assembly, Ivan Novosel, and their associates. At the end of his working visit to Tivat, the Prime Minister assessed that Tivat is a well-organized and successful municipality that takes care of both spending and development and can be an example to other local governments. "Today I was in a municipality that is well organized, which takes care not only of development but also of consumption, a municipality that has its own financial and development potential. Congratulations to the Mayor and his team. … Tivat is not only thinking about new hotels, new resorts, traffic infrastructure that accompanies them, but also about the development that concerns every citizen and his overall needs. Congratulations on that "- said the Prime Minister at the end of his working visit to Tivat. The Prime Minister of Montenegro told reporters that the meeting with the President of the Municipality Siniša Kusovac, the President of the Municipal Assembly Ivan Novosel and their associates analyzed what the municipality of Tivat has done in the past three years in the mandate of this government and that joint plans for the future were discussed. in order to continue such a dynamic and good development of traffic social, communal and social infrastructure and to do more in that regard. The Prime Minister and the President of the Municipality symbolically marked the beginning of the construction of the roundabout at the entrance to the city, visited the renovated cultural institutions - Cultural Center, DTV Partizan and Museum and Gallery, the almost completed Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities in Seljanovo and the newly built road from Solil to intersections for Pržno. The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the way the local self-government in Tivat operates and in terms of setting priorities. "In Tivat, contents are being opened that are the needs of citizens, such as the Center for Culture, the Public Institution Museums and Galleries, the new Red Cross facility, the new Day Care Center for children with special needs." So, these are facilities that require new employments, "said the Prime Minister. The President of the Municipality of Tivat told reporters at the end of the visit that he had informed the Prime Minister about all the projects, and that the local leadership had received support for further activities. "I primarily mean the second roundabout that the Prime Minister officially opened today, then in January the beginning of the construction of the third roundabout, which is at the same time the beginning of the construction of the boulevard. We are on the best way to realize that. We received support from the Prime Minister and the full help of the Government. This is necessary for both Tivat and Montenegro and these are complementary projects. We received full support for the construction of the sports complex. We bought the land and our intention is to build a sports hall, indoor pool, parking and other facilities. All in one place and for the purpose of preparing sports teams. We want to return to the time when there were about thirty sports teams in Tivat, "said President Kusovac. Answering a journalist's question about the proposed law on freedom of religion or belief and the legal status of religious communities, the Prime Minister said that manipulations aimed at blocking further democratization of our country had appeared in the public and said that the Government was determined to commit to independence and the Constitution. Until the end. Answering the question whether the forthcoming valorization of the Airport of Montenegro was also discussed at the meeting, the Prime Minister said that he raised the topic. "This is a development project with great potential, not only for Montenegrin tourism but also for the entire Montenegrin economy, a project that, if successful, will provide unprecedented benefits for the growth of our economy, new jobs and, of course, new income. The municipality of Tivat will naturally have the greatest benefits from that. I assured them that there is no risk here with this investment, not only in terms of infrastructure development and improvement, but also existing jobs. With the new significant infrastructure, the number of jobs is increasing and there will be more new services that will be necessary for such an investment and, of course, new revenues for the municipal budget from the concession that will significantly support local finances and further realization of such demanding infrastructural and social investments. infrastructure. There is no doubt that with this investment Tivat will maintain this pace of recognition, that it will have one of the best overall economic offers in Montenegro and that it is all great and great not only opportunity but also an opportunity for the citizens of Tivat and all those who live here. "- said Prime Minister Dusko Markovic. post slika