Secretary of Health visits the Tivat Health Center

10 Feb 2021

-Possible lockdown of Municipality Tivat-

The Secretary of Health, Dr. Jelena Borovinić Bojović, visited the Tivat Health Center today, and has a meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality of Tivat, Željko Komnenović, and the Director of the Health Center Tivat, Dr. Jasminka Andjelić.

The Secretary thanked the management of the Tivat Health Center and the President of the Municipality for the good cooperation: “The President of the Municipality, as the Head of the Operational Staff, took appropriate measures to improve the work of inspection services and influence better control of compliance with measures. The basic task of all of us is the health of our citizens. " Borovinić Bojović announced a possible lockdown of the Municipality or an appropriate degree of restrictions, curfews..etc. on the territory of the municipality of Tivat.

"I am asking the citizens to respect the measures because, no matter how strict the adopted measures are, they cannot give a proper result if there is no respect for them. "Just respecting the basic measures would be enough to bring the epidemiological situation under control," the Minister of Health emphasized.

The mayor thanked the minister for her quick reaction and expressed his dissatisfaction with the current epidemiological situation. "We will have to face the closure of the city, but all this is in order to preserve the health of our citizens." I express my satisfaction with the work of the medical staff of the Health Center Tivat and thank them for what has been done so far, because they work under great pressure and in difficult conditions, "said Komnenović. "The local government has done everything possible within its competence, especially when it comes to providing funds for antigen tests and easing the situation in the city." It all takes too long and citizens are losing patience. We hope to get vaccinated soon. ”

The director of the Health Center, Dr. Anđelić, thanked the employees of the Health Center: “I hope that the Secretary was convinced of the good work of the Health Center. We will do our best to make our patients satisfied with the service provided. ”

The Secretary said that a competition has been opened for 15 emergency medical doctors on the territory of the whole of Montenegro. She also pointed out that 235 nurses and technicians, who have so far been hired under fixed-term contracts, will receive permanent solutions. The opening of new positions for doctors and nurses will be held in the Tivat Health Center, because the health system of Montenegro, according to the Secretary, has reached its hiring maximum. "We are waiting for the start of vaccination in Montenegro. Vaccination will not mean easing measures and non-compliance. We will have to take care for a long time to come ", concluded Minister Borovinić Bojović.

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