Women’s entrepreneurship

02 Sep 2020

For two years in a row, the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship of the Municipality of Tivat, has been providing support to quality business plans of women entrepreneurs, planning budget funds for this purpose.

The first public competition for the distribution of funds to support women's entrepreneurship from the budget of the Municipality of Tivat for 2020 was announced on May 5 this year and was open for 30 days.

Based on the established criteria, assessment and evaluation of the business plan, the Commission for Allocation of Funds to Support Women's Entrepreneurship decides to allocate funds to the following applicants: "Bakina kuhinja" doo Tivat to improve working conditions in the kitchen; “Cake shop” doo Tivat for the innovation project and entrepreneurs Ljiljana Todorović for the business plan called “New flower step for my city”. A total of 5,000 euros was distributed.

Unlike in 2019, where only three applications were received for as many as three public calls for support for women's entrepreneurship, this year the interest of the entrepreneur is significantly higher, so that the available funds were used in the first call.

The decision on the distribution of funds to support women's entrepreneurship for 2019 supported the business plans of two family companies from Tivat, namely: "Vula sistem" d.o.o. Tivat with € 3000.00 and “Porto Bjelila” d.o.o. at € 2500.00.

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