Penalty to the “Blue Line” carrier for non-compliance with the timetable

15 Sep 2022

In an action to control traffic and public transport of passengers, officials of the Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision of the Municipality of Tivat determined that the carrier "Blue Line" DOO Herceg Novi, when performing regular and student transport, did not follow the timetable on the route Gradiošnica - Tivat and Tivat - Lepetani. Punitive orders in the total amount of 1,700 euros will be issued to the transporter for the identified violations. During yesterday's control of public transport, on the route of student transport Gradiošnica - Dumidran - school center and in the opposite direction, there were no irregularities detected by this carrier and the driving was carried out according to the established timetable.

Through further traffic control, the officers of this Secretariat imposed several fines, in the total amount of 6,000 euros, to carriers whose drivers did not have an employment contract and a certified copy of the employer's tax certificate in the vehicle, and a fine of 2,300 euros, due to the reception of passengers outside the territory of the local self-government unit that issued the license.

During the control of illegal waste disposal, a misdemeanor order was handed out in the amount of 500 euros, due to the deposit of sand in Župa.

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