Playground at Seljanovo officially opened

08 Sep 2022

The President of Tivat Municipality Željko Komnenović today ceremoniously opened the reconstructed children's playground at Seljanovo. The municipality of Tivat allocated over 50 thousand euros for this investment, and the main renovation and equipment works were carried out by DOO "Komunalno" Tivat.

The festive program was embellished by the children of the JPU "Bambi" from the regional unit of Donja Lastva, as well as the students of the Tivat Music School. In a statement to the media, Komnenović announced the continuation of investments in children's and youth infrastructure.

"From the beginning, the idea of ​​the local administration is to organize children's playgrounds, not only in this part of Tivat, on Seljanovo, but also beyond. Today we opened the largest playground in this part of the city. We invested over 50,000 euros in equipping this playground, it is equipped with the most modern equipment. I can see that the children are delighted, which makes me especially happy," Komnenović said.

He reminded that the Municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports, arranged a handball court in the courtyard of Elementary School "Drago Milović", and that the rehabilitation of the volleyball court at the elementary school will soon begin.

"It is important that the youngest fellow citizens are satisfied and that they have appropriate playgrounds where they spend their time. It is also important to call on everyone to protect these playgrounds."

Komnenović points out that now the focus is on equipping the FC "Arsenal" field in the park, and that he hopes that this will be realized in cooperation with the Football Association of Montenegro.

"Tomorrow, the planners are coming to give guidelines on how to arrange the field. A new floor is coming, as well as floodlights and utility rooms. Arsenal gathers over 300 children in the city, which is an extremely beautiful and positive story."

Komnenović said that the local administration, despite the numerous problems it faces and political, social and budgetary blockades, will continue with the arrangements of these fields.

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