Public institution Dnevni Centar for children and youth with disabilities

08 Sep 2020

The Day Care Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, opened its doors to all users in 2020, providing a comprehensive and quality service aimed at raising the quality of life of users and their families.

The construction of a multi functional building in which the Day Care Center is located, with a total area of ​​680m2, is an investment of the Municipality of Tivat worth € 660,000. Users have at their disposal a space of about 300m2, which is equipped and arranged to meet all prescribed standards and is a safe place to socialize, acquire new knowledge, rehabilitate, to provide training and many other activities for children and youth.

The Day Care Center currently provides services for up to 20 users, and is staffed by a professional team consisting of a psychologist, pedagogue, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, phrenologist, nurse, and caregiver. If necessary, other experts will be hired additionally. This institution offers a half-day and full-day service depending on the needs of each individual user.

With the construction of this facility and the establishment of the Day Care Center by the local government, Tivat and its citizens received a much-needed and long-awaited service in the field of child and social protection.

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