The 13th voluntary blood donation campaign in Tivat

03 Aug 2022

Today, the thirteenth action of voluntary blood donation was held, organized by the Municipality of Tivat in cooperation with the Institute for Blood Transfusion of Montenegro - Kotor department and with the support of the municipal organization of the Red Cross Tivat. 30 volunteers responded to it, 15 of whom were able to donate blood.

Among the donors was the vice president of the municipality of Tivat, Goran Božović, who is also the initiator of the action. He pointed out that the people of Tiv are already familiar with the tradition of this humanitarian action, which the Municipality organizes twice a year. "Although the basic idea is that employees of the public administration take part, a very good response from the citizens of Tivat has been noted for years. It is important that people are more aware of the importance of donating blood, as well as that we, as an institution of the system, promote socially responsible behavior and humane activities," said Božović.

The organizers of the action are satisfied with today's turnout. The secretary of the OO Red Cross Tivat Nevena Božović said that their volunteers are always happy to join the call of the Municipality of Tivat, stating that this is one of the strategically important actions that help to raise and maintain blood reserves in the regional transfusion center in Kotor. "These actions are especially important in the summer months, when we are trying to increase blood reserves, which are currently 2.8% in Montenegro, which is significantly lower than the recommended 4%."

Blood was donated today by employees of local government bodies, local public enterprises and public institutions, as well as other interested citizens. The municipality of Tivat is the winner of the plaque of appreciation of the Institute for Blood Transfusion of Montenegro from 2015, which recognized its contribution to the promotion and popularization of voluntary blood donation. The next voluntary blood donation campaign in Tivat Municipality is planned for December of the current year.

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