JOB DESCRIPTION – Secretariat for Administration and Social Services

22 dec 2015

Secretariat for Administration and Social Services carries out the tasks related to:

  • General Administration operations: keeping registers of marriages, issuing the certificates, marriages; operations of transcripts, signatures and writings verification; keeping and updating the voters register; administrative and technical activities for the elections, referendums and voluntary contributions;
  • keeping other records of citizens in accordance with the law;
  • preparing the regulations that do not fall under the jurisdiction of other bodies; giving opinions on draft laws and other regulations to be submitted to the municipality;
  • preparation of regulations and other acts related to social and children welfare in accordance with the national strategy: home care and home assistance to elderly and disabled persons; ensuring the enforcement of their rights in this area; keeping the procedure for resolving housing issues for those in need; monitoring the proper use of apartments allocated to people in need, making the decisions on the termination of those rights and legal action for eviction; starting proceedings for exercising the right to one-time financial assistance and help in the house; taking care of the realization of child protection related to vacation and recreation, accommodation and meals for children, and other additional forms of child care, as prescribed by the Municipality;;
  • monitoring and participation in providing conditions for the development and promotion of primary health care by initiation, planning and proposing measures in this field, which are of direct interest for the local population; performing tasks related to proposing the members of the management bodies of health institutions founded by the Municipality; taking action under its authority to improve primary health care; organization and implementation of protective measures in the case of infectious diseases; addressing issues of war veterans' and disabled persons care and protection of war invalids and keeping record of the number of users and type of these rights; decision making in the proceedings for recognizing the rights in the field of veterans care and protection of civil war invalids and keeping records of the number of users and type of these rights; managing the process of issuing employment booklets and entering the qualifications;
  • performing administrative and other professional and administrative duties related to the orientation of children with special needs in appropriate educational programs in accordance with the law, the appointment and provision of working conditions for the Commission for guidance of children with special needs
  • undertaking and implementation of activities related to the implementation of decisions of the Municipality on granting scholarships to students and pupils, as well as evaluating and encouraging further education by rewarding of talented students and pupils.
  • organizing the activities related to the prevention of drug abuse at the level of the Office for the Prevention and Suppression of Drug Abuse within the Secretariat;
  • taking care of improving the lives of young people in our community, taking part in the adoption and implementation of local action plans and other documents relating to the issues of concern to young people and their participation in the local community; encouraging and monitoring programs of youth organizations, activities relating to the organization of youth events, conducting the activities related to creative use of leisure time for children and youth, encouraging and supporting projects that focus on extra-curricular activities for children and young people / camps, art colonies, competitions
  • conducting the professional and other activities on taking care of IDPs, which are, in accordance with the regulations, entrusted to the municipality
  • development and promotion of culture, artistic creativity, cultural events; librarianship, cultural-artistic amateurism; realizing all forms of cooperation and protection in the field of culture; realizing all aspects of cooperation in the field of culture, the methods and measures of achieving the public interest, making the municipal program of cultural development, appointment of the Council for Culture
  • the protection and preservation of cultural heritage of local importance, keeping the register, preservation, protection and maintenance of the memorials, creating programs for raising memorials and decision making about raising, modification, processing or removing the memorials
  • proposing the priorities for investments in culture and monitoring the implementation of investment programs sponsored by municipality; creating conditions for the work of cultural institutions at the Municipality level; monitoring and encouraging the development and improvement of libraries, museum, archive and theatre developmental activities and activities of promotion of publishing and cinematography; proposing plans and development programs in the areas of culture; proposing the founding of public institutions in the cultural sector; performing the administrative monitoring activities and operations related to the founders’ rights towards those institutions.
  • Monitoring the situation in the field of public information and exercising the public interest in this area; monitoring the development and promotion of the media, particularly the electronic media, or local public broadcasters and ensuring the priorities of investments in the domain of public information
  • proposing the establishment of a public institution in the field of education when the founder of a public institution is the Municipality; preparing an act on the opinion for the appointment of the Director; monitoring the implementation of funds for current and investment maintenance, investments and material costs and energy expenditures of institutions established by the Municipality; monitoring the provision and disbursement of funds of public institutions founded by the municipality and which are not in the network of institutions;
  • monitoring the proper use of apartments allocated to people in need and initiating of the proceedings for eviction of illegal occupants of apartments for social needs
  • creating conditions for the development and promotion of sports for children, youth and citizens, encouraging sports activities as well as development of inter-municipality sports cooperation, encouraging and supporting school sports associations by creating organizational, spatial, financial, technical and other conditions for their work; organizing the sporting events of public interest and activities related to the organization of public institutions in this area from the ​jurisdiction of the local administration and performing administrative supervision over their work; ensuring the realization of the rights of athletes and teams at legal institutions in this field; preparing work programs, reports and proposals of financing activities in this area of ​​interest for the Municipality; proposing allocation of awards in this field, providing conditions for training and competition of athletes; participation in providing conditions for sports - leisure activities for children, youth and adults, as well as other activities that contribute to the improvement of health and mental and physical abilities of citizens; participation in providing conditions for the implementation of extra-curricular sports activities; aiding and incitement of the sporting clubs by creating organizational, physical and other working conditions; ensuring the provision of funding for school sports activities, encouraging actions of sports federations; participation in arranging and providing conditions for the construction, maintenance and usage of sports facilities of significance to the Municipality; promotion of sports activities for disabled persons and persons with special needs; keeping records of sports organizations and top and promising athletes, specialists in sports and sports facilities; participation in the development of the municipal sports development program and allocation of resources in accordance with the National Sports Programme in Montenegro; giving suggestions, opinions and advices in the preparation of the national program; criteria preparation and proposal for selection of programs for financing or co-financing and determining the perpetrators of the annual programs; cooperation with relevant institutions in order to promote sports and physical education;
  • giving opinions and proposals of measures related to information and other materials, to institutions and companies founded by the Municipality, to consider by the authorities;
  • performing the administrative supervision in these fields; giving opinions and preparing draft acts approving the statute and program of public institutions and companies, and for the act on internal organization and job systematization;
  • Co-operation with non-governmental organizations, in order to improve communication between Municipality and citizens, and other activities within the jurisdiction of the Municipality in this area
  • Preparation of plans and programs at the local level for the implementation of strategic documents in the area of ​​jurisdiction of the Secretariat and ensuring their implementation, direct coordination with government agencies, other local administration bodies and non-governmental organizations
  • preparing the expert opinions and declarations for the initiatives of assessment of municipal regulations constitutionality and legality and for the authentic interpretation of municipal regulations in this area; work on preparing information and other professional materials for the Assembly and the President of the Municipality.
  • carrying out duties related to free access to information within the scope of Secretariat
  • preparing the information and other professional material related to activities within the scope of the Secretariat; performing other duties as are specified in the scope.