JOB DESCRIPTION – Secretariat for Information Systems and Joint Services

22 dec 2015

Secretariat for Information Systems and Joint Services performs administrative tasks related to:


a) The information system, including:


  • Organizing, planning and implementation of the information system of the Municipality (information center)
  • Organizing and operation of IT services for local administration authorities, public enterprises and institutions founded by the Municipality, in order to establish a unified information system in the Municipality;
  • Control of operation of automated data processing and taking measures to improve and increase the efficiency of the information system as a whole and in separate segments;
  • Suggesting of automation of work in public enterprises and institutions, and in that sense creating project tasks and participation in project design and implementation of information system;
  • Development and implementation of training and specialization plans for the use of information technology and system;
  • Development and implementation of plans for equipping, procurement of equipment and taking measures for maintaining the computer systems;
  • Taking care of the functioning of computer networks and data exchange in them;
  • The application of unique standards: OS, DBMS and application software tools for the introduction and use of modern information and communication technologies;
  • Development of a plan, proposing and organizing the introduction of new program systems and ensuring the improvement of existing ones, in line with the continuous functioning of information system;
  • Organizing and implementation of data protection measures;
  • Performing the activities which provide transparency of the work of the Municipality services and participation of local population in public affairs; managing and updating the website of the Municipality;
  • Preparation of informational and other materials for the Assembly and the President of the Municipality;
  • Publication of the draft acts passed by the Assembly and the President of the Municipality; publication of the curriculum of participation of local population in decision-making and other documents; managing the organization of round tables; publication of the reports on the results of public hearings, sessions of the Assembly and enacted legislation, activities undertaken by the Municipality services, etc;
  • Communication between the Municipality and citizens;
  • Preparation of informational and other technical materials related to activities within the scope of the Secretariat, for the Assembly and the President of the Municipality;
  • Performing other duties within the jurisdiction of the Municipality in this area.


b) Human resources management, including:


  • Establishing, maintaining and updating the central personnel records of local officials and employees;
  • Conducting prescribed and other records on computer supported way;
  • Monitoring and enforcement of regulations pertaining to the status of local officials and employees and giving an opinion on implementation of these regulations;
  • Monitoring the rights of local administration officials and employees and preparing the appropriate legislation in this regard;
  • Preparing analysis, reports and information in the area of ​​civil service relationships and personnel policies;
  • Conducting a public announcement procedure (public and internal add and contest for the organs of local administration and services);
  • Planning personnel in local administration bodies and agencies;
  • Giving opinions on acts on internal organization and job classification and duties of local administration bodies and services;
  • Monitoring the evaluation of local officials and employees;
  • Monitoring of the trainees work;
  • Identifying and analyzing the needs of administration staff for specialization and training and assisting in the delivery of training and specialization of staff; conducting research and performing assessment of a training needs; collection of data on vocational education and training;
  • Preparation of plans and programs for professional development and training of local officials and employees, and taking measures and activities for the organization and implementation of plans and programs of training;
  • Preparation of projects related to training and education of trainees;
  • Providing professional assistance to the President and the Chief Administrator in the field of personnel management;
  • Personnel management realized through the implementation of laws and other regulations on local officials and employees, as well as the specific regulations pertaining to labor;
  • Cooperating with the government authority in charge of personnel management in the achievement of established competences in this area;
  • Giving opinions in the process of preparation of laws and acts on labor passed by the Assembly and acts passed by the President of the Municipality;
  • Performing other duties within the jurisdiction of the Municipality in this area.


c) Professional and administrative-technical affairs for the Assembly, the President of the Municipality, Chief Administrator, local administration bodies and agencies, including:


  • Monitoring and research, drafting of appropriate legislation relating to the field of archives and office management for local administration bodies and services;
  • Technical and administrative tasks related to the development and use of the stamps of the Municipality and its agencies, and the use of symbols;
  • Office administration (administrative office and archive matters, activities of receiving and delivering mail, processing of cases and other documents by applying modern information technology, and other activities in the field of office administration determined by statutory and regulatory provisions;
  • The activities of supply, activities of regular and investment maintenance of the buildings in which the local administration, and local communities are located; maintenance of installations, equipment and other assets; activities of insurance of persons and property;
  • Performing and organizing the activities of securing and protecting systems and facilities in which Municipality organs are located, and other facilities, in accordance with the regulations;
  • Doorman’s work;
  • Courier’s work;
  • Activities relating to the use, maintenance and records of official vehicles;
  • Technical support tasks relating to the use and protection of the flag and coat of arms of the Municipality;
  • Providing hospitality services for local administration and agencies;
  • Copying and linking of printed materials;
  • Activities of hygiene maintenance in working premises and facilities;
  • Performing activities regarding free access to information within its scope in accordance with the law
  • Performing other tasks within this area added to the scope of its work.