JOB DESCRIPTION – Directorate of Investments and Development

22 dec 2015

Secretariat for Investments and Developments is responsible for tasks related to:

• providing conditions for the development, use, improvement and protection of land; preparation of medium-term and one-year construction program, etitoring, utilization and protection of space; preparing the land for construction, and reconstruction all types of buildings and utility equipment construction land (road-streets in settlemen including pedestrian crossing, public squares, and parking lots; lighting facilities, green areas in settlement; parks - footpath, grassslands, play grounds, of urban public facilities; utility facilities fixtures to connector on urban land etc. ) prosecution legal, financial, technical-administrative and other professional activities to implement programs and monitor their implementation; prosecution of  reconsilation of the program of construction land development with development plans of individual activities; taking measures to protect monuments and natural facilities that would be threatened by work on preparation on the land; prosecution activities related to demolition of existing buildings and equipage and removing of materials, as well as relocation of existing underground and overhead installations; of constructions, reconstructions, maintenance, protection, use and road management  in the grip of special purpose; preparation of the tender, conduct of works for technical documentations, work on harmonization of construction reconstruction, regular and investment maintenance of roads of local importance ;organization of professional quality control of works; institute proceedings for the resolution of legal affairs, obtaining building permits , receive and transmit on the use of constructed roads; preparation of financial documents and monitoring use of financial resources; database management-property records belonging to the roads of local importance; keeping records and database of building parcels manage activities of the municipality’s investments when they did not transferred to another legal entity by special act within the jurisdiction.
•calculations of fees for municipal equipment of construction land  
•public procurement  in accordance with law;
• other activities within jurisdiction of Municipality in this domain.