JOB DESCRIPTION – Protection and Rescue Service

22 dec 2015

Protection and rescue service performs tasks related to the rescue and protection of persons and property from fire, explosions, disasters and other accidents and emergencies, including:

  • Implementation of preventive measures for fire protection, by participation in the planning and estimation of vulnerability of the population, material and cultural resources to fire, flood, explosion; performing the control and maintenance of fire safety equipment, education of citizenship;
  • Organization of rescuing the people, animals, material and other goods in the event of fire, natural, technical, technological accidents and conducting an evacuation of the area as well as in cases of traffic accidents, chemical, biological and radiological accidents and other emergencies;
  • Provision of water delivering services if necessary, and other services to companies, institutions and citizens in cooperation with relevant public agencies;
  • Providing assistance to legal entities in the Municipality in developing their protection and rescue plans;
  • Cooperation with all entities whose activities and working tools can serve for protection and rescuing;
  • Performing other duties in these areas, in accordance with the laws and regulations or by order of the President of Municipality