Sport in Tivat

19 dec 2015

In Tivat there are 42 amateur sports clubs, 2 school sports associations and 3 sports recreation centers. 24 sports are represented. 34 clubs work independently and within the republican Associations, and 8 petanque clubs are operating within the Petanque Association of Tivat. The seat of the Petanque Federation of Montenegro is in Tivat.

The Municipality of Tivat supports sport activities through co-financing of program activities of clubs. Budget allocation for sports is carried out by the Committee on Social Services of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat.

Sport in Tivat uses around 54,000 m² of indoor and outdoor space – sports Hall “Župa” with 2700m² and 1,100 seats, open polygons for indoor sports, school halls and courts, the Petanque Hall Kalimanj and open petanque courts, Sailing club “Delfin”, football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts etc.

You can learn more about sport in Tivat from the book “Sport u Tivtu” (“Sport in Tivat”) - Youth of a history, by Slavko Krstović.



Directory of sports organizations in the municipality of Tivat  - PDF