21 mar 2017

Prof. Snezana Matijevic, PhD, President of the municipality Tivat, was born in Kotor in 1963. She completed primary and secondary education in Tivat and in 1987 has received a degree from the School of Dental Medicine in Belgrade. Upon completion of her studies, Prof. Matijevic, PhD moved back to Tivat and has begun working as a dentist at the local Community Health Center. In 1995 Prof. Matijevic, PhD entered the specialization studies focusing on the Children and Preventive Dentistry, which in 1998, in front of the commission of the Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry at the Dental Medical School in Belgrade, she successfully completed with the highest score.

In 1996, Ms. Matijevic enrolled in a post-graduate studies program and three years later has received a Master's degree for her work on "Oral health of children in the coastal parts of Montenegro". Doctorate degree for her work on "Defining a model for preventative dental care of infants" Prof. Matijevic, PhD received in 2003 at the Dental Medical School in Belgrade.

In the period from 2006 to 2016, President Matijevic worked as a Director of the Community Health Center in Tivat. In 2010 she received both a title of an assistant professor and Primarius and in June 2015 has begun working as a part-time professor at the dentistry program at the Medical School in Podgorica. Ms. Matijević has been an active faculty member at the Medical School in Podgorica since its inception until the present.

Today, Prof. Matijevic, PhD is:

  • member of the commission of the Ministry of Health, (a body in charge of awarding the title Primarius),
  • member of Association of Children's and Preventive Dentists in Serbia,
  • member of the Dental Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina,  a member of the Commission for Professional Topics for Medical Chamber of Montenegro,
  • President of the Commission for advocacy / initial research assessment
  • member of the European Academy of Preventive Dentistry (eng .EAPD - European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry).
  • consultant for expectant mothers counseling

In May 2016 Prof. Snezana Matijevic, PhD became an elected President of the municipality of Tivat. Ms. Matijevic is married, a mother of two, and resides in Tivat with her husband and two children.



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